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Medical Equipment Planning

Our expert services follow the best benchmark practices of the world.

We work with a hghly comprehensive and leading-edge database on the latest medical technology, Robotics Surgery, Hybrid OR, Complex OR for Brain lab & Navigation System among others. 

Full scope of Medical Equipment Plan includes the following:


  • Development of Medical Equipment Budget
  • Fully loaded sheets drawings with all elements including MEP, Environment data, Architectural elements & legend for each surgical suite or equipment specific IT, Audiovisual needs & display units, Surgical Control units etc.
  • Technical Specification development wich are vendor neutral to eliminate any selection bias
  • Techno-commerical analysis & recommendation on CAPEX and life cycle cost
  • Assist client in preparing format of ordering with specific conditions to protect the interest of clients totally
  • Financial assistance in terms of loans can be supported

Procurement & Implementation:

  • Preperation of Request for Proposals (RFPs) & inviting bids
  • Assist in negotiation & finalisation of equipment
  • Supervise, coordinate installation, pre-testing & commissioning of equipment with contractor, biomedical team & equipment suppliers.