Globally- incidents of patient’ harm is highly pervasive as about 4 million people die annually due to inappropriate care.
Greatest challenge in healthcare is  skill level and competency of staff required for maintaining an acceptable level of Quality of care and safety to ensure environment of care is safe for patients, staff, families and visitors.

Hospital associated infections, medication errors, ineffective communication, lack of quality assurance in imaging and lab services are leading to significant number of mortality and morbidity.
Greatest challenge is lack of awareness of minimal level of safety in care by all type of staff, lack of resources for training be it budget or people leads to unacceptable level of gaps in care with higher degree of risk for compromised care.

Another challenge is lack of data driven approach and not learning from incidents, errors, and due to scare, lack of culture and various other factors.

We therefore strongly believe that if healthcare quality is to be improved to a satisfactory level , it will depend how much organisations are committed to engage their staff in learning and updating minimal safe practices be it hand hygiene, donning / doffing, \waste disposal, or documentations pertaing to care by clinicians, nurses and other service providers.

We distinguish ourselves as competent and qualified knowledge partner, hand holder to prepare your organization for  skill development and getting your Hospital ready for any accreditation standard or empanelment.

We have team of clinician, infection control expert, nurses, biomedical engineers, quality process experts with wide ranging national and international experience and proven track record for providing onsite and online training to your staff.
Because for Hospital it is not possible to employ a full training team as it , it is very expensive but we can fill that gap by providing all kind of trainings to your staff.

In order to bring out the best expertise in Nursing, Infection Control Practices and other fields, we offer highly focused and specialized training packages through CMEs, Workshops, seminars covering a wide range of topics as described below:

  • Awareness Program on NABH, JCI, NABL & CAP
  • Basis Life Support (BLS) Training Program
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Training Program
  • Various targeted Training Certification Program for infection control and prevention etc.
  • Workshop on Medico-legal Aspects of Healthcare
  • Comprehensive Nursing Training Program
  • Comprehensive Program on Infection Prevention &Control in OT & CSSD
  • Customised training programmed based on Organisation’s needs and requirements

Why Training?

  • Solidifies employees’ existing skills and helps them improve in lacking areas.
  • Keeps employees satisfied, as it leads to collaboration and cooperation among staff members.
  • Delivers core concepts and tools to be an effective patient safety champion in your hospital, clinical department or unit/clinic.
  • Fostering a culture of patient safety by delivering patient-Centered care
  • Helps in designing safer care delivery systems
  • Enhancing interdisciplinary teamwork and communication

Our Methodology:
Designing and implementing training programs

  • Assessment of employee training needs
  • Defining hospital training objectives
  • Preparation of a Customized Training Calendar,
  • Defining the Mode of Training – Live / Skype sessions
  • Resources include International Level Training Materials– Research & evidence-based data, Presentations, Informative videos, Lectures, Interactive Sessions, Hands on training activities etc.

Training Evaluation

  • To assess the effectiveness of expected training outcome, evaluation is done through questionnaires, surveys etc.

Training Feedback

  • Training Feedback from all the participants so as to plan for improvements.