“Challenges & Opportunities in Hospitals Services”

“How Hospital owners/ Management can work towards Building Trust with Community and aiming at Quality Care for Patients”

By Dr. B.K Trivedi, MD, BKPMG Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Healthcare & Hospital Services around the globe are undergoing accelerating changes and due to varied reasons. Healthcare world is in a state of flux.

Hospitals are under tremendous pressure to deliver cost effective , quality care and it is putting their performance to unprecedented challenge due to rising expectations of patients/customers with highly digitized social medial sensitive world.

Challenges in Healthcare    

  • Increasing incidents of Violence (Serious Workplace violence is 4 times more in healthcare than any other private industry – OSHA)

Increasing Incidence of Violence

    • Rising Customer Expectations (Ye dil maange more – More value for less money, online physician shopping )
    • Well Informed Customer kind courtesy “ Google” massive knowledge partner to any inquisitive potential patient
    • Disruptive nature of technology demand rapid upgrades in biomedical technology
    • Healthcare – largely a risk management business as the care environment have many inherent risk that can compromise Patient Safety -Risk of falls, wrong diagnosis, fire, security, medicolegal risks etc.
    • Poor Hospital Designs – one of the inherent and huge risks lurking in the hospitals causing many fire incidents, medical gas supply related incidents and high rate of infections due to poor air quality management in premises. Non adherence to National and International Fire safety codes is explosive vulnerable patients to high risk especially when Hospitals have not been designed appropriately and adequately.

Effects of Poor Hospital Design & Training

  • Internal Communication Failures among care givers which lead to many serious incidences, over 70 % of sentinel events reported by Joint Commission International due to failed communications such as Clinical, Nursing & interdepartmental Handover Issues
  • Patient Misidentification, Medication errors, Hospital Acquired infections, Antibiotics misuse are the eternal risk which has huge threat potential
  • Inefficient Discharge Planning & Follow up – Break in Continuum of Care if patients/relatives/guardians are not educated/counselled on post discharge care
  • Alarming Attrition Rates, High absenteeism rates, Absence of Job satisfaction among healthcare workers is serious issue threatening the stability and creating disruptions
  • Lack of Comprehensive Training Programmes to staff 
    BKPMG Team Association conducting Training in IMA Pune

    BKPMG Team Association conducting Training in IMA Pune

  • Lack of Data Driven Approach leading to ineffective Quality & Patient Safety Culture
  • Efficient Feedback Mechanism – Feedback collection, analysis and follow up with patient.
  • Collective / Team approach for addressal of challenges through Hospital Committees Like Quality Steering Committee, Safety Committee, Hospital Infection Control Committee etc.
  • Well Designed Structured Training Programmes – Induction training, department-oriented training, On job trainings, external trainings etc.
  • Awareness & Implementation of Hospital design standards like American Institute of Architecture (AIA), Facility Design Guidelines (FDG) etc.
  • Design a strong mechanism of quality measurement

“When Faced With A Challenge, Look for A Way & Not A Way Out” (David Weatherford)

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

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