Medical Equipment

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Medical Equipment Planning & Procurement Consultancy

We hand-hold our clients to give them expert services with benchmark methodology comparable to best in the world.

Our expert visits the international events and keep themselves updated to give benefit to our client.
Our expert is well respected and recognized not only nationally but internationally Biomedical Solutions provided by our consultants were highly beneficial to our valued customers & appreciated by end user.

Medical Equipment Planning Consultancy

We have most updated data & knowledge bank on widest spectrum of medical technology to provide research & evidence based appropriate technology solutions for best out comes in most cost- effective manner on life cycle basis.

Our Methodology:

  • Strategic Advisory for technology positioning & vision
  • Technical specification development
  • Requests for proposals for tendering/Bid Process
  • Technical & commercial analysis for best price for given budget negotiations Coordination in installation, Pre- commissioning testing Commissioning
  • Training for resource utilization
Medical Methodology:

  • Master Medical Equipment Plan & Budget
  • Room to room plan with fully loaded sheets indicating Equipment loads, MEP data, Environmental data etc.
  • Technical Specification & RFP development
  • Procurement Services- Bid Analysis, ROI studies
  • Coordination in Installation, pre-commissioning testing
  • Facility Preparedness & Advisory to Architect for MEP Readiness to take equipment in site
  • Design Support to architects for developing the clinical areas appropriately.
  • Our expert services are comparable to best in the world benchmark practices.
  • We work with a highly comprehensive and leading-edge database on the latest medical technology, Robotics Surgery, Hybrid OR, Complex OR for Brain lab & Navigation System among others.