Project Management

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Project Planning and Management

BKMPG Project Management professionals deliver value through rigorous cost management and value engineering, adherence to project schedules, assurance of quality, risk mitigation and excellent coordination & conflict resolution between various contractors, sub-contractors & firms.


  • Capital planning
  • Project Execution – Pre-construction, Construction & Closure
  • Quality & Life Safety,
  • QS & Bill Verification
  • Construction management services
  • Execution, Training, & Handover to clients

Communication Management Plan

Communication Frequency
Timeline Once
Daily Progress Report-DPR Emails Daily
Executive Report
Current Status of Project (Tracked MSP Timeline)
Area of Concern
Statutory Approvals Tracker
Budget and cost report
Long Lead Tracker
Drawing Tracker
Quality & Safety Statistics
Client Support
Anticipated Project Timeline
Labour Report
CCR (Construction Change Request)
RFI (Request for Information)
NCR (Non-Compliance Report)
Near Miss Report
As needed
Agenda & MOM of Meeting As needed
Safety Report Monthly